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How to Apply Eye Shadow?

How to Apply Eye Shadow?

eye shadowReality dictates that there is science behind everything, including applying eye shadow. If you want to learn how to apply eye shadow, it is very important to understand certain factors involved, including the basics. For one, an eye shadow is made of colors that primarily designed to complement the color of the eye of the one wearing it. It is also a very fun way to emphasize the eyes. Typically, there is more than one shade in a pack. These shades are generally in complimenting tones. However, even though you already have the eyeshadow pack in front of you but do not know how to apply eye shadow, the idea is still useless. Here is a short summary on how to do so.

1: Prepping Up

Normally, your eyelids have folds and creases. Therefore, there should be some prepping up work to be done in order to ensure that the eye shadow can be applied without making the folds and crease look obvious. There are powders and bases, which can be applied in order to get the eyelids ready for the shadow. Applying concealer can also hide skin tone imperfections, evening things out. Once the foundation is set, applying the eye shadow will become easier.

2: Applying the Eye Shadow

This step is the actual application of the eye shadow. The light color in the palette needs to be applied first. The entire lid should be covered too. The shade that is darker will be applied along the crease of the eyelid. If you want a third color, then this can be added to half of the eyelid, at the farthest end away from your nose. The shade of this third color should be something in between the lightest and darkest one that is used on the eyelids. Once everything is added, a small sponge tip applicator or a blending brush should to combine all of the colors together. The blending of the colors should be done with light strokes so that the colors are not removed.

3: Setting

Learning how to apply eye shadow also involves knowing that applying a little face powder can also help in setting the shadow and improving its staying power.

Applying your eye shadow the right way will leave a natural look on your face, and not an overly made one. If you are applying on your own eyes and you want to know how to apply eye shadow the right way, it is very important to know and familiarize your eyes very well. Only by doing so will you be able to see which colors would fit your features best and make the entire process easy. One of the Best Eye Shadow at Amazon.

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